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quality policy


To be a national benchmark in the manufacturing of interior wood doors, with a strategic position in demanding international markets.


IRMADE is a company specializing in the manufacture of interior wood doors in the domestic market and in demanding select international markets. We aim to meet the needs and expectations of the markets where we do business by adapting to their idiosyncrasies, always focusing on quality, complete satisfaction and creating value for our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.


Creating value: The ultimate goal of everything we do is to create value for our customers and partners, while properly remunerating our employees and shareholders.


Excellence: We constantly seek to improve our processes, people and products, working with determination, agility and strategic focus.


Cooperation: We work as a team in an aligned, unified manner, sharing successes and challenges.


Ethical relationships: We conduct all inside and outside relationships in an ethical manner.

Reliability: We want to create and uphold long-term relationships of trust. For this reason, we invest in product quality and service excellence for our customers as distinguishing factors.


Social responsibility: We recognize that we benefit from society as a whole and, as such, try to give something back.



Sustainability: Since we know that resources are limited, we make every effort, in everything we do, to encourage behaviour which reduces and optimizes waste.


quality policy

IRMADE has been certified in standard NP EN 9001 about 25 years ago, based on the following principles:

• Meeting the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders;

• Optimizing profitability and sustainability;

• Complying with customer, legal, regulatory and normative requirements;

• Continuous improvement to the effectiveness of its Quality Management.

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