'Art is what you can get away with.'

Andy Warhol

ICONICDOORS are truly the heart and soul of any household, providing shelter and protection. Iconic is from the Greek eikonikós "Painted from the Natural". It illustrates that which is most exclusive in nature, "wood", as well as the pure and simple quality resulting from its responsible selection.

Through a contemporary appearance, we have created doors that reflect your entire personality, inspiring, defining and complementing environments.

These are coated with natural wood veneers handled by our specialists, combined with wooden inserts.

Natural characteristics, knots, variations in shades are not defects and only increase the value and beauty of all wood products.

This is a unique characteristic of natural products and attests to their origin and authenticity.

The colours in the photos are for reference only, and are reproduced as faithfully as allowed by the photography process.

We reserve the right to make changes or alter the specifications without prior notice · Errors and omissions can be expected.